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Learn About Where Your Food Comes From

Sunny Cove Farm now offers privately scheduled Farm Tours.  

Immerse yourself in our Old Fashioned Farming Methods. 

Cost is $15 per adult $10 per child.  Group discounts available. 

Let a baby calf give you a kiss, or tour our beautiful countryside from the back of a hay wagon.

GRASS STAINS TOURS: Sunny Cove Farm offers one-hour private walking tours of the farm. Book online and we will contact you to confirm.


 Although the farm is most active in the spring, summer and fall, we will happily schedule a tour any time of year.  

FALL HAYRIDES: (August-October) Group minimum 6, maximum 30.  This is the Farmer's wife's favorite time of year!  Experience the beauty of WNY fall leaf colors in the rolling hills of our sweet farm.  This one hour tour includes gorgeous sights along with education on regenerative agriculture, organic farming and various other topic.  This tour can be customized to give specific information for further education on a variety of topics!  If there is something you are interested in let us know.  This tour is only available while the weather is nice so don't wait book now.

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VISIT OUR FARM STORE: (MON - FRIDAY 12-6, SAT 10-4) Upon arrival at the farm, you will see that our animals are pasture-raised and given a great amount of care. We provide a stress-free environment for our animals to graze, forage and grow. An equal amount of care is given to the land they are raised on. Depending on the day, you may have to search a little for some of the animals depending on what stage they are in the rotation process. Explore the grounds and see which of our lovable animals you can find!
Sustainable agriculture pays as much attention to the longevity of the land as the quality of the product. All of our products are 100% hormone, pesticide and antibiotic FREE. Fresh air and green pastures provide the foundation to a sustainable farming method that brings us wholesome, local food for our area community.

So come down, walk the fields, meet our animals, and see for yourself how sustainable agriculture makes such a difference not only to our animals, but to the quality of your food.

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