Butcher with Beef


More people are becoming aware that the quality of the food we eat can have an enormous impact on our families' longterm health. We have designed an affordable, stress-free way of providing your family with healthy, local, convenient meat that is raised with integrity and care by us.

Our Community Supported Agriculture Program Features:

  • We are making food accessible!

  • Consistent access to the best Organic Grassfed Beef, and/or Goat.

  • Convenient twice a month Pick-up options.

  • NOW OFFERING home delivery option!

  • No need to buy a new freezer to have access to quality meat!

  • CSA program is available year-round!

  • CSA feeds approximately a 4 person family for a month



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As always, our animals are never fed genetically modified organisms. They are bred to thrive where they live, outdoors roaming and foraging from our fresh rotating pastures and forests. Our Cattle diet is 100% forage: just grass and other pasture plants, no grain. For more about how we raise our products, Click Here. But in short, you can feel confident that animal welfare, land stewardship, flavor, and human health are all maximized because of our farming practices.