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Flavors of Fall

Flavors of Fall


Autumn is in the air on the farm.  We have finished our hay for the year, and started putting our gardens to rest.  The harvest is in and copiously filling our store and home.  Out of all the seasons I love the robust flavors of fall best.  Our top 5 fall ingredients and how to use them are as follows:

1.)    Apples- Did you know we have an apple orchard on the farm that is over 100 years old.  The diversity of flavor from these apples are unmatched and combined make the best cider I have ever tasted. (I know I’m biased!)  We use apples for baking things like muffins, coffee cakes and pies.  We layer them in sauerkraut and even casseroles.  Apple Cider is also a family favorite paired with a rolled roast and slow cooked, sure to make anyone’s mouth water.

2.)    Fall Greens- Endive, Frost hardy romaine, cabbage and chard all take on a sweeter flavor once the first frost comes.  The are incredible fresh or slightly braised and topped with balsamic, bacon and blue cheese.  This is also the best time to make sauerkraut as the sugar levels are highest making for quick and delicious fermentation.

3.)    Cream- you might not consider cream to be a fall flavor but the creamline actually changes year round.  In October when the cows diet changes to winter forage and bailage the cream line also deepens and the butterfat ratio is much higher.  Cream is so divine added to fall soups and stews.  Just the other day I took the last of the garden peppers, sauteed with sausage onions and tomatoes and finished off with cream to make a hearty unstuffed pepper soup.

4.)    Peppers- speaking of peppers it is this time of year in our climate that peppers begin to fully mature into their reds and orange colors making them the sweetest of the season.   Pepper plants are also quite rugged and seem to last well into the first few frosts.  I love dehydrating them for winter use by sewing them together on a string and hanging them from a beam in our home.

5.)    Pumpkins/squash- certainly the star of fall for many are pumpkins and winter squash.  Ive been finding myself sticking large pumpkins in the oven almost daily to help warm the home and baking them into cinnamon rolls, breads and pies.  I love making a quick pumpkin spice latte with fresh pumpkin and raw cream.  It is also our baby Selah’s first  food this year, mixed with ghee its such a treat she cant get enough!

Theres so many more flavors of fall but these are definitely stars in our home.  Whats your favorite fall treat?

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