Gingerbread Shaped Soap
  • Gingerbread Shaped Soap

    Scent Descriptions:

    Tingle Mint-a super refreshing blend of spearmint, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils.


    Apple Orchard- The smell of an apple orchard at peak harvest Sunshine Splash- This pink grapefruit fragrance smells just like the real thing!


    Bakery Fresh- A sweet blend of maple, vanilla and oven baked perfection.


    Morning Express- smells like a fresh cup of coffee with cream!


    Summer Splash- A blend of juicy cucumber and watermelon.


    Say Baby- A gentle but cleansing soap for youngsters with cocoa butter and colloidal oatmeal.


    Sunshine Splash- This pink grapefruit fragrance smells just like you’re walking through a citrus



    Candied Apple- The warm smell of ripe apples with cinnamon and clove spices!


    Promised Land creamy, comforting and slightly sweet smelling-with local honey, oat flour, and

    raw goat milk!


    Royal Meadow soap-this is a bright and uplifting scent with notes of Italian bergamot, lemon verbena, primrose, violet, amber, white musk, and just a touch of peppermint.


    Spikenard- a spicy citrus scent with raw goats milk.


    Flutterby – scented with lavender essential oil.

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