DOUBLE THE GOODNESS OF OUR ORIGINAL FARM BOX AT A DISCOUNTCurrently we are delivering to the Alfred & Naples Area.(if you are interested in us delivering to other areas Contact Us) Super size me please! -In every box you will receive a selection of:*Seasonal Organic Fruit & Produce (6-8 portions)*2 Fresh Cheeses*2 Yogurts- Cream on Top!*Maple Syrup & Honey*2 Rotational Item: Fresh Bread, Kombucha, Ice Cream & More!*Organic & Grassfed Beef, Pork,Chicken, Duck or Goat(Sample of 6 cuts of meat-different every month)*Option for Add-ons to build a bigger box*FREE RECIPES*FREE DELIVERY IF YOU SIGN UP IN SEPTEMBER! THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING YOUR LOCAL FARM!Box Deliveries will take place the first Monday evening of the month following your subscription payment and subsequently after each month.(example: If you purchase your box September 22 it will be delivered the first Monday in October)Subscriptions renew automatically.Unsubscribe at Anytime.​ CLARIFICATION:We broke the box down to ratios so it will be different pounds every month but the same dollar amount (since steak is more expensive than ground beef) we will always supply 3 different packages of meat but they will vary every month (they will amount to around $30retail). (Ex October you might receive 1 pound of ground 2.5# chuck roast and 1#ham. November you might get  1.5# chicken wings, 1-2 small steaks and 1# sausage.) the vegetables make up $25 of the box and as we get into colder months we will have spinach, lettuce,  radish scallions and then storage produce like potatoes, squash, rutabagas, cabbage, carrots. When we get into March we have cold frames set up so we will have more greens available by then.  The remaining dollar amount of the subscription will include your yogurt, cheese and a bonus item every month.  So when you subscribe you will be getting our $10 off retail price every month plus free delivery to your home. 
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      Monthly Subscription
      $154.99monthly/ auto-renew