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Half Pint Pure Maple Syrup
  • Half Pint Pure Maple Syrup

    We gather sap the “Old Fashioned” way in buckets.  We usually start tapping trees on a crisp winter day in late February.  It is all hands on deck at the farm as we load a flat wagon with buckets, lids and spiles and ride the tractor into the woods.  Our pup trots behind us in the deep snow of the sugar bush as we walk from Maple Tree to Maple Tree tapping spiles. Our toddlers favorite treat is to sample from the spiles of sap as they first begin to drip.  We gather the sap from the buckets in the following weeks and boil it down to amber syrup using our wood fired evaporator. From our farm to your pancake breakfast!


      If you’re not completely satisfied with any item you purchased from our farm please contact us directly.  We strive to provide you with the highest quality ingredients.

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