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Short Drops

Short Drops

Stainless Steel Job's Tears Short Drops



 Job's Tears Story:

🌱 I had no clue when I sowed six seeds called ‘Job’s Tears’ in May that they would foreshadow our summer. As the days grew longer the storm rolled into our lives and remained for months. So many tears were shed, tears of exhaustion, tears of sadness, tears of confusion and then tears of joy, tears of peace, tears of a promise. As we grew in the hardship our faith also grew, as we grew closer to our living King, so also grew the harvest. I walked out into the garden today to find a bounty of Job’s Tears where only 6 original seeds were planted and I again cried. I reflected, I remembered and I gave thanks. See there’s power in the storm, the refining that comes through the process gives us the grace to take our eyes off of ourselves and realize there is so much more to this story. I count it all joy in the hardship of the summer that God has promised seasons. As the dew of autumn sets in and the harvest comes to a close I will build a monument of these “tears.” So if you’re in the storm today remember it is only temporary, that in the labor of tears you will find what True Love really is ❤️ 

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