Sunflower (Mammoth) Grow Kit

Grandmothers should be equally celebrated on Mother’s Day ❤️ As a little girl I would look forward to playing around the MAMMOTH sunflowers in front of my Grandmothers house in August.  They would grow so strong and taller than I could reach, and shine brilliantly reflecting the suns rays with such bright vivid shades of orange and yellow.  Together we would hang up the sunflowers after they had finished maturing their seeds and watch the birds pick and delight in them! She would save a handful of seeds for next year☀️My grandma has since passed but I carry on the tradition at my own home creating a maze of sunflowers in my garden and around my house. I have saved the Mammoth Sunflower seeds and would love to share them with you! So I am offering “Grow Your Own” Mammoth Sunflower Kits for Mother’s Day this year ❤️☀️☀️☀️👏TUNE INTO OUR LIVE SALE NEXT THURSDAY APRIL 30 @ 6pm

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