BULK- 1# Yarrow Tea Leaves

Dry, freeze or drink fresh!
Pour hot water over tea leaves and steep 3-5minutes.  Drink 1-3cups a day and notice effects fast.
according to Mother Earth News, the reason why yarrow is such a versatile, healing herb is: “It works to tone the blood vessels, especially the smaller veins, and lower blood pressure by dilating the capillaries. This means it has a beneficial whole-body effect through the blood system, especially on conditions related to hypertension and including coronary thrombosis.”

It Can Help With:

Immunity -fights bacteria and viruses. Drinking a tea made from yarrow, elderflower, linden, boneset, peppermint and ginger can promote sweating and help eradicate flu-causing viruses from your body.

Promotes digestion and detoxification. Yarrow’s bitter components and fatty acids encourage proper bile secretion from the gallbladder, which can then improve digestion and keep gallstones from forming.

Helps relieves cramps and menstrual pain. Yarrow can also help regulate menstrual periods, particularly controlling heavy flow.13

May be effective against skin conditions, such as eczema. Not only can it help stop wounds from bleeding, but it can be used as first aid for ulcers.

Helps stop nosebleeds. Applying dried or powdered yarrow leaves inside nostrils may help stop the bleeding.

Relieves pain from arthritis and rheumatism. It has anti-inflammatory properties that may alleviate pain brought on by these conditions.

Helps relieve hemorrhoids. Drinking yarrow tea or tincture or placing a yarrow poultice or compress over the affected area may soothe this health problem.




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