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Welcome Back to Real Flavor

The Best-Tasting Organic Raw Milk, Grass Fed Beef, Pork, Maple and More!

Harvested and Raised on our Small Family Farm in Alfred, NY.

About Us

Our farm is a third generation organic  farm located in  Alfred , NY .


Sunny Cove Farm was started by Jerry Snyder and his father Frank Snyder with a bucket milker, a few cows and some pigs.  Today it is diversified multi-generational farm producing and direct marketing over 20 products off of 400 acres.   Third generation farmers Kelby and Kristina have carried on the vision of serving the local community with quality and locally grown food. 

A New Food Standard with Old Fashioned Roots


 It starts with the soil; this is where we cultivate a complex nutrient cycle that takes root in our green grasses, and comes full circle on your table in the form of delicious, nutrient-dense organic milk, beef and eggs. 

Our cows and our hens enjoy true outdoor living as they graze open pastures.

The depth of our commitment: to family tradition, to sustainable farming practice, and to providing consistent quality from our single-origin farm, is matched only by the depth of taste in our products.


We are devoted to farming our way because we believe that the earth’s most delicious, healthiest foods are created when farmers work in harmony with nature.


When you vote with your dollar and support our local farm you join a community.   We consider ourselves more than a producer of food but a service to our area.  Our mission is to keep wholesome nutrient food attainable to the average household.  Many generations have already been raised on our farm fresh milk and meat.  Join us at the farm store, browse our library of nutrition resources, pet the baby calves and savor the flavor of your local community!

Our Farm is your Farm

Our cattle are born and raised on our farm and have been grass-fed their entire lives. We are certified grass fed which means our cows get NO grain ever and instead graze upon lush grasses in our rotational pasture system.

You can buy our

Certified Grass-Fed,

Organic Beef, Pork and Goat

by the cut in our Farm Store.  Or we also offer custom cut and wrapped to your specifications by the Quarter, Half or Whole Animal.


Our fresh RAW milk is made from

100% grass fed Jersey Cross Cows.

Certified Organic by Nofa-NY.


  We have permit to sell our milk raw "on farm sales only" from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.

Pre-Order Online & Pick Up at our Store!

Certified Organic MAPLE SYRUP and Maple Products

Fresh sap is harvested from our sugar bush in buckets and boiled to a beautiful amber syrup.  We bottle the syrup, make candy, sugar for baking and cream with Old Fashioned recipes right on our farm.  


March 14, 2020 10-4PM for Maple Days!


Made with the most natural and ethical sourced ingredients. Sunny Homestead offers soap in loaf, pored molds, lotion, bath teas and more!  Shop the full line in our store.


Take a walk through our hundred year

old orchard and taste the delicious goodness of heirloom varieties so old they don't even have a name!  Seasonally we offer no-spray Organic Apples and Cider- Check back with us in the Fall.

Sunny Cove Farm is Certified Organic & Certified Grass Fed

1444 Randolph Rd    Alfred Station, NY   14803    (716) 510-5764

© 2020 Sunny Cove Farm, Designed by Kristina Marie Snyder

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