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Our certified organic, certified grassfed milk is straight from our cows; it’s cooled immediately after milking and then bottled up for your enjoyment. It’s neither pasteurized nor homogenized, so you will see a layer of cream rise to the top of your milk jar. You can simply shake up your jar before using to ensure that the cream mixes back in evenly.

What is Raw Milk?

Press Play to Find Out How It Works!

Alfred, NY
(Weekly- pick up any day CSA )

Kenmore, NY

(Every Other Wednesday 7-8pm)

Eden, NY

(Every Other Wednesday 4-5pm)

The Following CSA locations are Sold Out.

Red Modern Sold Out Sandwich Instagram Post.png

  • Williamsville, NY (Friday)

  • Jamestown, NY (Wednesday)

  • Pittsford, NY#1 (Tuesday)

  • Pittsford, NY #2 (Thursday)

  • Clarence, NY #1(Monday)

  • Clarence, NY #1(Monday)

  • Dansville NY (Wednesday)

  • North Tonawanda, NY (Friday)

  • Olean, NY (Tuesday)

  • Farmersville,NY (Monday)

  • Naples, NY (Thursday)

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