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Our certified organic, certified grassfed milk is straight from our cows; it’s cooled immediately after milking and then bottled up for your enjoyment. It’s neither pasteurized nor homogenized, so you will see a layer of cream rise to the top of your milk jar. You can simply shake up your jar before using to ensure that the cream mixes back in evenly.

What is Raw Milk?

Cookies and Milk


How Does A Milk CSA work at Sunny Cove Farm?

What are the benefits of joining our Raw Milk CSA?

Where is your farm and how do I pick up milk?

Our cows are born, raised and milked all here on the farm.  At times our milk supply can be limited in our farm store and occasionally we do sell out of milk.  Joining our milk CSA helps us plan for how much milk we need to have on hand and guarantees you the fresh product you can only find here at our farm.  

Joining our Milk CSA guarantees you fresh milk as often as you need it.  As a thank you for your loyalty when you join our CSA it locks in the price of milk at the time that you join.  With the cost increase of everything going up it is a great way to fight inflation with your grocery budget!

Our Farm Store is located at 1444 Randolph Rd. Alfred, NY.

We are open Monday through Friday 12-6 and Saturday 10-4 

When you sign up for your CSA we will ask you to commit to a day that you will always be able to pick up milk to help us better plan.  This day is changeable week to week as long as we receive 24 hour notice of the change.  NOTE:  We also have CSA's available in different neighborhoods, these are organized by independent coordinators who will contact you after you sign up for their region on a shared pickup time and location.


CSA Skip Policy

CSA members will be allowed one “free” skip week per year.  The CSA member will notify the farmer that they are skipping and they will be refunded one time their normal milk subscription cost.  After a member uses up their FREE SKIP week they will be allowed to skip again at any time but will be required to pay their usual milk cost and it will be donated to the "Pay What You Can" program. 

How to clean raw milk containers:
Milk jars should be VERY clean to prevent contamination.  This is the CSA members responsibility.  Milk dries almost clear, so even with glass you might miss a spot. “An incompletely clean bottle that has been capped for a while will definitely have an odor when opened.”
•    Rinsing or soaking empty bottles right away helps a lot. Lukewarm water will remove most milk and cream.
•    Do not use hot water first, because it will “set” the milk proteins, gradually forming a film that can cause odor and souring of your milk.
•    If you’re going to use the dishwasher for the jars, rinse and rub them first with cold and/or lukewarm water.
•    If you’re handwashing the jars, still begin with lukewarm water before plunging the jar into hot dishwater.
•    Be sure to use a bottle brush if your hand is too large to fit into your jar.
CSA members will bring their clean empty jars to a milk pickup and swap them for the filled milk jars.  It is the hosts responsibility to store them until the following pickup.

Alfred, NY
(Weekly- pick up any day CSA )

Pittsford, NY #2
(Every other Thursday)

Hamburg/ Eden
(Every Other Wednesday)

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Pittsford, NY #1
(Every other Tuesday)

Red Modern Sold Out Sandwich Instagram Post.png

North Tonawanda, NY
(Every other Friday)

Red Modern Sold Out Sandwich Instagram Post.png

Farmersville, NY
Near Arcade, NY
(Every Other Monday

Jamestown, NY
Anderson's Produce Stand
(Every Other Wednesday

Red Modern Sold Out Sandwich Instagram Post.png

Clarence, NY
(Every Other Monday)

Red Modern Sold Out Sandwich Instagram Post.png

Williamsville, NY
(Every Other Friday)

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