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Custom Cut Grass-Fed Organic

Beef, & Milk Fed Pork

Along with selling individual meat cuts in our farm store, we  also offer the option for you to buy in bulk.  Your Quarter, Half or Whole will be custom cut and wrapped to your specifications. 

The following price options for custom cut pork, whole, half and quarter cow are deposit costs.  When you pay your deposit online it guarantees you a spot for the butcher date you select.  The remaining balance is due upon pickup of your order. 

Our beef is certified organic and 100% grass-fed. We feed no grain, ever. The cost is $6.99/lb, plus $0.92/lb for processing. An estimate of cost for a quarter cow is $950, a half cow $1800, and a whole cow $3000.

We buy Piglets from other local farms and feed them a balanced diet that includes milk from our grass-fed cows and certified organic grain.  The cost is $8/lb, plus $0.92/lb for processing. An estimate of cost for a half pig is $775

***The below meat box prices are fixed. No additional fees or added costs, the listed price is the total cost.***



OCTOBER 2022 &

February 2023 BUTCHER DATES!