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A New Food Standard with
Old Fashioned Roots

It is our mission to provide our community with the resources to live a healthy and wholesome life!

"Getting my monthly deliveries from Sunny Cove is like Christmas all year round.  Thank you for providing my family with nourishing and local food at such a convenient and affordable price." - Anne of Buffalo, NY

From The Ground Up

 It starts with the soil; this is where we cultivate a complex nutrient cycle that takes root in our green grasses.  Our cows and our hens enjoy true outdoor living as they graze open pastures.

It all comes full circle on your table in the form of delicious, nutrient-dense organic milk, vegetables, meat and eggs. 

The depth of our commitment is to family tradition, sustainable farming practice, and to providing consistent quality from our third generation farm.

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.   We consider ourselves more than a producer of food but a service to our area.  Our mission is to keep wholesome nutrient food attainable to the average household. 

When you vote with your dollar and support our local farm you join a community.

Many generations have already been raised on our farm fresh milk and meat. 

Get the whole farm experience, browse our library of nutrition resources, pet the baby calves and savor the flavor of fresh local food.

Our Farm is
Your Farm

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Sunny Cove Farm now offers privately scheduled Farm Tours.  

Immerse yourself in our Old Fashioned Farming Methods and experience the beauty of WNY fall leaf colors in the rolling hills of our sweet farm. 

Cost is $15 per adult $10 per child.  Group discounts available. 

To schedule a tour please emailcall or text the Farmer's Wife

Kristina Snyder for more information.

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