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Save on groceries, grow a garden!

Harvesting fresh produce from your backyard is one of life’s most beautiful miracles.  My passion for plants is actually why I first pursued agriculture (it also helped that the man I loved also happened to be a farmer).  It always amazes me that you can take a $3 seed packet, with some TLC and well nourished soil and produce $100 worth of vegetables to feed a family.  As grocery store prices are on the rise it is my recommendation that everyone grow a garden.  With just one 4x8 raised bed you could save up to $100 off your grocery bill each month.

The following plants are the most budget saving and easy to grow:

1.)    Lettuce- all salad greens are super simple to grow, they are cold hardy which means you don’t have to wait you can plant them now.  One packet of lettuce has around 300 seeds in it which means if you succession sow it will likely last you all summer long.  I plant a new plug of lettuce every time I harvest one so that I have an abundance that never lags.  The best thing about lettuce is that it produces its own seed in the fall that is very easy to harvest.  Therefore, purchasing just one $3 packet of lettuce could literally save you thousands of dollars over your life time!

2.)    Tomatoes- cherry, beefsteak and everything in between are such a delight to grow in the garden.  2-3 plants is all a sizeable family needs to feed them fresh all summer long.  For canning and preserving I would recommend 10-20 but that would definitely leave you with tomato abundance.  Don’t forget to prune and trellis tomatoes for maximum yield.