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The Moment In Between

Last time, I wrote an article about being faithful in the small things which then produces big change. But what about that moment in between the two. Have you ever gotten to the end of yourself, working towards a goal and wondering how much longer it will be? Some people call it the breaking point, that magical “time-suspended” season where you just float on. It’s right before the bass drops when everyone holds their breath. Moments like these are what we live for. The silence before the breakthrough! It is a true test of character, patience, perseverance and so much more but every single time we will come out stronger!

We are at this point right now as a farm. It is no secret our world isn’t stable. We have chosen to remain faithful in the works that we are called to. We believe change is coming, we believe people care and most importantly we see the need for a safe haven. We also know that it is easier to change the projection of an object in motion than an object that is still. So we are making some big changes!

First we wanted to make our food, our farm and our people more accessible to you. We know you live busy lives and it is sometimes hard to make it out to our farm store during our limited hours. So we are expanding our hours! We will be open Tuesday through Saturday that’s 5 days a week!

Secondly as a mom I know how hard it is to shop with small children. I also really enjoy having my children with me each day as we homeschool, work and grow together. So we have created a fun play area for kids of all ages and needs! Feel free to bring your kids with you when you come to shop. We will help keep them learning and entertained so you have a few moments of quiet to meal prep and plan nourishing meals for your family.

Lastly we are experimenting with once a day milking. In the past our farm has always milked every morning and every night because that’s what most farms have always done. As we have puzzled over the declining milk prices, increase in fuel costs and labor shortage we looked to other options. If we are successful once a day milking will decrease our carbon footprint almost in half, will decrease stress on the animal and the producer and will increase butterfat (who doesn’t love all the butterfat).

So now is the time we hold our breath and get excited! Are you in a transitional season yourself? How can we pray for you? We are more than a local farm, we a family and we care for each and every one of you!

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