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Beef Box #2

Beef Box #2

3# Ground Beef


2# Stew Beef


1.5# Soup Bones


2# Sirloin Steak


1 pkg Minute Steaks


1# Skirt


2# Short Ribs


2# NY Strip


1.5# Filet


3# Roast


Amounts will not be exact but we will always round up in your favor.


Grassfed Organic Beef-Our cattle are born and raised on our certified organic farm. We raise our animals ethically with no hormones, GMOs or pesticides on the farm ever. We are certified grass fed which means our cows get NO grain ever and instead graze upon lush grasses in our rotational pasture system.



All of our pork is raised naturally, fed organically an all you can eat buffet of grassfed milk, organic apples, squash, hay and organic grain.

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