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Pittsford Milk CSA

Pittsford Milk CSA

How Does The CSA Work?NYS RAW MILK LAW: We have a raw milk permit from Ag and Markets and are licensed and inspected to legally sell Raw Milk. However NYS current law only allows Raw Milk to be sold on the farm. We personally can not deliver our milk. We have worked to find a solution for years to help consumers better access our raw milk in a legal way and finally we have set up a CSA model that works. Our website is an extension of our farm. You can legally purchase Raw Milk online and have someone (whether it be yourself, a friend, a neighbor ect) pick up your milk for you. The CSA functions as a system of coordinating a shared milk pickup by you the consumer. There is no CSA fee to our farm, you are simply buying your milk and getting $0.50 off a gallon when you sign up for a subscription.


Pittsford CSA Specifics:

* Hilarie Lloyd is your coordinator and her home is your pickup location.

*Your CSA pickup day is every other Tuesday

*The Milk Pickup from the farm is done by your coordinator and another driver.

*Your coordinator will contact you to discuss any details or fees associated with your milk. We as a farm can not deliver milk.


Our certified organic milk is straight from our cows; it’s cooled down immediately after milking and then bottled up for your enjoyment. It’s neither pasteurized nor homogenized, so you will see a layer of cream rise to the top of your milk jar. You can simply shake up your jar before using to ensure that the cream mixes back in evenly.


By joining our weekly Raw Milk CSA we garuntee you fresh milk when you need it.

  • Choose a day to pick up 
  • You can change the day of your pick up at any time, but you MUST LET US KNOW 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE.
  • Skip a weekly pickup anytime by letting us know 24 hours in advance.
  • Note:  We use half gallon mason jars to sell our milk in.  These jars are easily cleaned and reused to reduce waste.
  • FIRST TIME MILK CUSTOMERS: will need to purchase our glass half gallon jars.  Please purchase two jars for every gallon of milk that you buy.  If you have your own half gallon mason jars at home feel free to bring them we will swap/exchange them with your milk as long as they are clean.



    Price Options
    Every Other Week
    Raw Milk CSA
    $9.00every 2 weeks until canceled
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