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Can you contract Bird Flu from Raw Milk?

Recently news reports have surfaced warning folks of the dangers of possible transmission of influenza A otherwise know as “bird flu.”  These reports have been broadcasted far and wide by the CDC, FDA, and USDA.  They also reported that so far the virus strain that is currently in our country lacks the genetic markers to infect humans. I have researched this matter extensively as I am drinking raw milk and feeding it to my young children and I have found that there is a large amount of scientific evidence that does not support the assumption that H5N1 can be transferred from milk to humans.  On the contrary as you will see below there is much evidence to support the drinking of raw milk to improve your immune system to fend off pathogens that we are inevitably exposed to.


In March of this year, according to the Texas Animal Health Commission (1) a farmer found two birds dead in his pasture and a few of his cow had fallen ill.  A dairy worker who was involved with daily tasks in that same pasture also fell ill.

The  World Health Organization stated the following about this instance. “This is the first human infection with [HPAI (H5N1)] acquired from contact with infected cattle and the second confirmed human case of influenza A(H5N1) detected in the country. No additional associated cases of human infection with influenza A(H5N1) have been identified. Since the virus has not acquired mutations that facilitate transmission among humans and based on available information, WHO assesses the public health risk to the general population posed by this virus to be low and for occupationally exposed persons, the risk of infection is considered low-to-moderate.”


So far the only way that we have seen humans infected with the Bird Flu is via animal contact.  We all should take precaution around sickly animals.  This is the same in how we treat a rabid racoon who wanders into our yard mid-day.   If an animal is visibly sick don’t go near it.  As a mom I have been having that conversation with my children a lot lately as they love to rescue fallen birds in spring that have escaped their nest to soon.


While there is no scientific evidence to support the transmission of Bird Flu via raw milk there is much evidence to the strengthening of our bodies from Raw Milk.  It seems that cows are able to pass antibodies through their milk, which could potentially help protect against the bird flu.

The Raw Milk Institute also points out that pasteurization can destroy important nutrients and enzymes in milk, and can even make the proteins less digestible. They argue that raw milk is a more natural and nutrient-dense option compared to pasteurized milk.

As for me and my house we will drink Raw Milk.  I have seen the evidence in my four children, the oldest being 9 who have never once needed anti-biotics or medication to fight disease.  When we get sick we tank up on raw milk, bone broth, and other probiotics to support the bodies natural ability to fight.  Instead of going through life avoiding sickness when you focus on prevention and strengthening when the inevitable comes (because it will come) you are prepared to fight.   Don’t take my word for it, below I have listed several peer reviewed scientific studies in support of Raw Milk and the immune system.  As always if you have any questions please reach out, we are happy to continue this conversation.

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(3) Suppression of pathogens in properly refrigerated raw milk.


(4) Lessons identified from applications of the Risk Analysis Quality Test Release 1.0.

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I wholehearted agree! Instead of relying on vaccination to avoid disease, I would rather harness the innate abiliary of our immune systems to fight infections. Drinking raw milk is one such way. Our creator designed our bodies with various self-healing mechanisms that our modern health care system would rather bypass probably because it doesn’t make big pharma any profit.

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