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Real Food is Alive Food!

Did you know that real food is alive! Straight from the farm, unadulterated, unwashed vegetables, fresh grain berries, and milk straight from the cow. It is not bleached, sterile, packaged or otherwise tampered with. Just like our bodies are alive, we NEED foods that are alive!

Dead food is food without the natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes due to processing. This dead food is known as “fast” and “convenient” foods. They are easy to prepare and save us time. Pre cut (bleached) carrots, sandwich bread with 30 ingredients, or hard boiled eggs soaked in preservatives and packaged for a quick snack. We can always grab a quick something at a nearby fast food restaurant, however the price we pay is the lack of nutritional value in the food.

Have you ever seen a fast food restaurant advertising the nutritional value of their food? Perhaps that’s because there is none! Fast foods are generally refined; high in fat, salt and sugar and nutrient-poor. While they may soothe your appetite they do little to give your body the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes that it needs. They do little to build and maintain a healthy body.

The closer the food is to its natural state-fresh, unprocessed, unrefined-the better it is for you and your family. We are sold a lie that we need 100’s of supplements and medications in order to function when the solution is right in the soil. Real food heals! Did you know 80% of Americans suffer from constipation? Raw vegetables contain lots of nutrients and fiber which your body needs, combined with healthy fats like raw butter and lard and your body will thank you!


Make up your mind to cut refined foods from your diet. Quit the white “balloon” bread, and learn to bake fresh bread. Did you know all you need to make bread is fresh ground flour, water, salt and yeast? Its so simple and once you’ve conquered fresh bread take a deep dive into sourdough. Fermenting of organic grains helps many people recover from IBS, celiac and so many more ailments!

Once you make up your mind to stop eating refined foods you will find lots of options available. You may have to adjust at first to new tastes and textures, but you will. You will be putting less stress on your system by eating whole foods.

What is your favorite whole food to consume? Mine of course is Raw Milk!

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