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Springtime on The Farm-A Poem

Springtime on The Farm

-Kristina Snyder


As the frosty grip of winter fades,

The farm awakens from its slumber,

Spring arrives in a grand parade,

And the fields are filled with wonder.


The air is sweet with fragrant blooms,

And the trees burst forth with green,

The birds sing out their joyful tunes,

And the sun shines bright and serene.


The cows graze contentedly on the grass,

And the horses frolic in the meadow,

The pigs roll in the mud with sass,

And the chickens cluck and crow.


The soil is tilled and seeds are sown,

In anticipation of the harvest to come,

The farmers work from dawn till dawn,

Their labor a testament to their love.


The beauty of spring on the farm,

Is a sight to behold and cherish,

A reminder of nature's gentle charm,

And the cycles that never perish.


May we always honor and respect,

The land that sustains us all,

And may spring on the farm connect,

Us with the earth's bountiful call.

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1 Comment

Very very nice and so filled with your love of the world

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